A wearable app for swimmers to access training plans, capture their performance and share reports with other friends. Also give immediate feedback on recorded sessions. More detailed data can be obtained from the app mobile version.

UX design

UI design

User research

Prototyping & Testing

Information Architecture


The ‘swimming app’ wearable app needs to be linked to a mobile version where users can register, build a profile, set goals based on skill level (beginner, intermediate and advance), create training plans, set challenges. 

Reports can be accessed on both mobile and wearable device however more detailed data will be available only on mobile screen. On the wearable, user will be able to generate sessions 'on-the-go', access feedback about pace, heart rate, calories burnt etc, and share it with friends, adjust some settings. It would also be interesting to explore ways to increase product usability. 


I conducted research on 2 popular swimming applications that also link to wearable devices.
I studied the user journey and highlighted the product key performances.

MySwim Pro - User journey

Key performances

1. Set up proficiency level

2. Choose goals

3. Connect device

4. Choose focus

   4_1. View training plans

   4_2. Select plan

   4_3. Purchase plan

5. Access feed

    5_1. Follow / Search users

6. Add a workout

    6_1. Create a new set

    6_2. Overview of calories burnt on creating a set


7. View profile

    7_1. Settings
    7_2. Dashboard

Swim.com - User journey

Key performances

1. Allow access to Health app

2. Choose between select a workout, record swim, connect wearable

3. Set up proficiency to find best workout

4. View workouts

   4_1. Select workout

   4_2. Create a new one


5. Record your swim

    5_1. Log activity by filling info and save

6. Connect to wearable


7. Feed

    7_1. Follow / Find users


8. Settings

    8.1 Profile

    8.2 Integrations



The experience map shows the user touchpoints, crucial features for a basic experience and features that could elevate the product usability and therefore create an enriched experience.


The experience map has allowed me to define the MDP for our wearable product.


I built the sitemaps for both the mobile app and wearable in order to gather a bird's-eye view on the project's information architecture. 

Mobile app - sitemap

Wearable app - sitemap


A mobile and wearable prototype for internal testings.

Mobile app prototype

Wearable app prototype


Skin is applied to the wearable to test accessibility and colour contrast when used in the water.

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