A mobile-first web solution plugged into Marriott Bonvoy app that allows users to place food and beverage orders via their mobile device.

UX Design lead

UI Designer

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I worked for iRiS Software Ltd as a UX Design Lead where I managed the UX design across their suite of  mobile, tablet and web applications. Their portfolio of clients included brands like Four Seasons, Waldorf Astoria, Mandarin Oriental and Marriott.


In February 2019 Marriott International launched Bonvoy, a brand new loyalty program ushered in a new mobile experience. Thanks to  Bonvoy app users are able to search, book and look up a reservation. It also unlocks features like mobile check-in, mobile room keys and guest requests via a mobile built-in chat interface. 


In order to boost food and beverage revenue they appointed iRiS to build an end-to-end mobile dining solution using their Guest APIs and Apps leveraged by iRiS Guest Experience Platform. The mobile-first web product is then plugged in the native application creating a seamless experience between the loyalty program app and the solution built by iRiS.

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I studied the end-to-end journey of 2 popular mobile food ordering applications (Deliveroo & Uber Eats) in order to gather insight on industry best practices.

Leveraging iRiS platform F&B key feature and their Guest APIs, I sketched the mobile dining journey.


The mobile dining web solution despite being build on top of iRiS Guest Web white label, looks and feels like a native experience. Powered by iRiS cloud-based GXP platform and Guest APIs, the new digital product provides Bonvoy users with an end-to-end food ordering journey plugged right in the heart of the native app.  

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In the last part of this project I worked closely with the Q&A team generating a snagging list for both the expected behaviour (UX) and the final UI. The Bonvoy UI Toolkit implemented across the web solution has guaranteed a seamless experience with the native application.

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